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20 handprints

Winter in summer. It didn't make any sense.

...Amber might have liked the snow.

19 handprints - Accidental voice post

I need to go out. Move.

[The voice is deadpan, emotionless, but whatever's blocking the way doesn't make a sound, and is quite apparently not moving.]

I need to go out. Move. "Please."

[And still no sounds, until a loud BOOM goes off, with a number of small crashes afterwards as things fall over in the apartment from the blast.]

I did say please. Like Amber said to. I don't know why people don't listen anyway.

[The door clicks shut as Maki goes out]


18 handprints

Chidori. And you. Thank you. For helping me.

It's strange here, without Amber any orders. Nothing to do. Should I be doing something?

It's still better here though.

17 handprints - Accidental voice post

I didn't think...I'd have to...say goodbye again.

[voice grows even fainter]

Do I have to? Amber...

((ooc: His death wound by November 11 was reopened. Collapsed outside building 1 if anyone wants to find him...though it's severe enough that he'll probably die soon without a really good healer. ;__;))

16 handprints

..animals aren't supposed to change their shape, are they?

((ooc: he's just...sitting and looking at his daemon, who isn't settled yet, but is currently in the shape of a sloth, since Maki's really stopped doing anything now Amber is gone.))

15 handprints

Games really are fun, even if you're just playing on your own. I don't understand why I never enjoyed playing much before now.

((ooc: cursed into being..a normal happy little boy ^^;))

14 handprints

I don't want a guardian.

I don't need one.

And I'll kill anyone who tries.

[Private to Chidori]

Don't tell anyone which apartment I'm in.

13 handprints

Amber is gone.

I don't...

She can't..

I'll have to wait for her.

12 handprints

You. And you.

Stay away from the building Amber and I are in. I won't let you fight here again.

11 handprints


I don't like this. My clothes are all soaked.

I want it to stop.

((ooc: small rain cloud over him, he's still uncomfortable and confused over how he felt during the curse when he did have feelings. And being cold and wet isn't helping cause it reminds him of being killed by November 11 >.>))